Last updated :   June 16, 2020, 2:37 am

Major Million Slot: An Interesting Casino Game

For those who want to play in online casinos and win big cash prizes, they should try Major Million Video Slot is one of the most popular slot variations that offers a huge progressive jackpot prizes for luck players. Aside from the rapidly growing progressive jackpot prize, players will have an entertaining gaming experience because it also offers exciting bonus games that give them chance to further increase their payouts. To know more about this slot version, let us explore the basic aspects of Major Million Video Slot.

The Major Million Video Slot Game Specs

This three pay line slots game works on a typical 3-reel slot machine. Major Million Slot has a maximum bet of one dollar but players have to put in the $3 maximum wager for each spin to have a chance to play for the progressive jackpot. Players' bets trigger any of the three active pay lines in the machine. The slot variation's progressive top prize is reset at $250,000 whenever a player hits the jackpot. Hence, Major Million Slot always offers a big amount of progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot can reach $500,000 and even hit the one million mark at some instances.

The Video Slots Game Major Million Icon

This video slot game offers players several options to win, not only the progressive jackpot but bigger bonus amount of cash as well. Gamblers and players who are eyeing the top prize must try to land three Major Million icons at the machine's third pay line. By satisfying this task, players instantly win the constant $250,000 jackpot. Meanwhile, for those who are unsuccessful to pack the third pay line with three special icons then they can try to land these icons on the first pay line in order for them to win a cool $25,000 bonus prize. Finally, players can also to place Major Million icons on the second pay line to get the payout amounting to $50,000. The Major Million Slot Machine Multiplier

The game's Major Million icon serves as a multiplier, as a wild symbol and is the last part of a complete winning combination. Since this game is designed by Microgaming, which is known in slots industry for creating novel innovations on slots game, then players will be treated for a big surprise. Going back to the game, if these Major Million Slot icons hit a pay line once then the winning amount is doubled, and if it luckily land on a particular pay line twice then the winning amount is increased by four times.

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