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Generous Payback: Tips on Tipping

Gambling is a big, lucrative, high-paying business. Unfortunately, the lowly dealer is placed at the very bottom part of the totem pole. They get paid very low wages even as the gambling patrons they serve make a killing at their tables. In fact, a significant part of their income actually comes from their customers' tips.

Players aren't really obliged to tip their dealers. But it is always a gallant gesture to do so, most especially if one is winning and the dealer has been polite and accommodating. One can make such a generous move either by giving one of their chips to the dealer or even by placing a bet for them.

Making an additional bet at the front of the betting box is one of the most common practices of tipping in Blackjack. One must be careful not to tip too much lest they radically affect the game's odds. If a player has placed a 5 dollar bet for themselves, making a 1 dollar bet for a dealer one or two times in an hour will suffice. The dealer gets a 2 dollar tip if the player wins. Otherwise, it is the house who takes the money.

There are two ways that a dealer is tipped in a game of craps. A player may tell the dealer to place a bet "for the boys," usually a bet on 11 or the field. The player can also make a bet on one of the so-called "hard ways" and then tell the dealer that it goes both ways. To be precise, a 10 dollar hard six both ways signifies that they are betting 5 dollars for themselves and 5 dollars for the dealer that two threes will appear prior to a seven or any other six. A pass line bet placed for the boys offers the dealer the best odds of winning.

Tipping doesn't happen very often at a Roulette game. The usual kind of tip that does occur is merely giving away a chip to the dealer after a successful payoff. Dealers are not really permitted to accept chips or money from a player, so one shouldn't hand the chip directly to the dealer. Instead, they should simply put the chip onto the table and tell the dealer that it is a tip.

Being solitary games, not much tipping occurs from players of slot machines and video poker, but it does happen. One might be feeling generous after hitting the jackpot, and a tip for the change person is a nice way of spreading the wealth around.

Casino employees such as the dealers are always there to offer the player assistance, and tipping is a way of showing that their efforts are appreciated. What goes around comes around, and the good karma generated by such a simple act of generosity just might result in some good luck.

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